Adventures in Wisdom daily lunch box notes.  

What wisdom does Wyatt the Wise Wizard have for our kids this week? Here we go:

Monday – Wyatt says Power and Choice is in their hands. They choose if they want to be smart, so choose to work at it.

Tuesday – Bring out the Journal in the morning and get kids to write down 3 things they are grateful for and 3 goals for the day.   Encourage them to dream big and create magic. Remember goals without action is just a dream. 

Wednesday – Wyatt advices to Go for it, remind kids to always be courageous, fear resides only in the mind.  Always go for it, excitement is in the trying and failure is part of learning and growing.  

Thursday –  Remind kids to always choose to put on their power goggles which will shift negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Consider consciously choosing happy and supportive thoughts always and shifting negative thoughts when they creep in.

Friday – Fridays are always to create fabulosity!   Help kids to overcome fear and go for it, dream big, act on it, set a plan and soar high creating THEIR path all the way and not following another’s path. Believe in them and encourage them to forge ahead, stand out and create THEIR OWN path.  Start Now!

Place a note daily in your kids lunchbox or backpack and discuss on way to school, discuss on way back from school, after mealtime, even as part of your bedtime routine. Discuss each day and listen to your kids’ viewpoint, let them ask questions, listen and observe their thought process and logic, answer questions and use it as another chance to connect with your kids!

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