One of the most important lessons my mother has always drummed into my siblings and I is the mindset/attitude/thinking of self-worth.  The mindset that we are important, of self respect, high self-esteem, to value and appreciate ourselves and not allow outside sources to define or influence how we see ourselves and what we achieve, and that NO ONE should feel they can or would even attempt to disrespect us, to make us feel less than we are, to disrespect our boundaries and/or influence us.  And these are skills we are taught, today, are important and attractive.  We, however, often mix these up with vanity and arrogance,  which are not the same thing. 

 My mother is disciplined and lives an ethical life.   She is not influenced by circumstances, situations, people and has an awareness of self, living authentically and with gratitude, never disappointing herself.  These skills have led to successes and a happy life.  She had a successful marriage for 40 years until death separated them, to a highly principled gentleman,  well known for his excellent character (notice I did not say reputation, as this is formed by humans and their perception and not always to do with who we really are). He valued her, appreciated her and had deep respect for her.

When you value self, you can value and appreciate others.  When you value self, you want, expect and demand the best for yourself.  When you practice gratitude, you are content and appreciative and you receive more.

What lessons would you want to leave your children with?  What skills do you want to empower them with?   What skills do you live by that they can see and learn from?

In light of the current discussions around rape, molestation, child abuse amongst other violations, teaching our kids skills to build self respect, self worth, self esteem, self awareness, making good decisions, self confidence is key.   The 5 skill books of the Adventures in Wisdom program, which inner treasure bases it’s Being Me program on and which includes MindPower, InnerPower, MePower, DreamPower and Slaying Dragons,  teaches children and young adults skills that will help them with the following amongst many others: 

  • Experiencing self doubt, lacking confidence, in a slump
  • Feeling awkward or unworthy 
  • Allowing others to take advantage of him/her
  • Lacking self respect 
  • Feeling like a victim or powerless
  • Experiencing fear, cold feet, nervousness 
  • Thinking he/she needs things, circumstances to be happy
  • Experiencing a change
  • Making a mistake, experiencing disappointment/ failure 
  • Feeling shame/embarrassment

Some of the skills I teach children to overcome these, using powerful stories, include:

  • Understanding belief systems
  • Understanding the power of possibilities 
  • Understanding the power of the mind
  • Power shifting for empowerment 
  • Creating self confidence 
  • Choosing self-talk
  • Using power of visualisation
  • Using affirmation
  • Self responsibility 
  • Honouring uniqueness 
  • Beating conditional thinking
  • Overcoming fear
  • Living a life of integrity
  • Making good decisions 
  • Managing mistakes
  • Moving past failure 
  • Creating self confidence ….. 

Let’s get our children to develop confidence from the inside out and not let circumstances and situations determine who they are, how they react and change their path in life. Let’s teach them to value self.

Get in touch with @innertreasurekidscoaching on +234 813 796 7208 for more information and see how we can work with your child, yourself, teachers, school.  We offer one-on-one sessions, workshops and small groups.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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