This weekend, yesterday being the International Day of the Girl Child, think about the girls in your lives,  what do you wish for them? What are your intentions for them?

We all want the girls in our lives and we all also want to be powerful girls,  what is your definition of a powerful girl?

My powerful girl – knows deep down within her who she.   She is secure in her identity and has strong beliefs.  She has strong defined values and morals and lives by her values.   She stands for things and knows her limits and sticks by them.   She knows she is always a work in progress but always strives to improve.   She has an open mind and is always willing to learn and develop herself.  She intentionally steps forward to give her best in every situation and interaction.  With all these she knows the importance of self care, the fact that she is unique and has a role to play in this world and has skills she is brought here to use in some way so looks for where she fits and where she can contribute.  She knows her purpose is to contribute.  So she is purpose driven and is confident that she will do awesome works making an impact.  So she goes about her life with this intention and mission.  

With these knowledge she equips herself with skills required to bring out what she already knows is in her. She surrounds herself with people who will support her and aid her in her journey adding value to her life and energises her rather than toxic people who bring her down..  She also takes care of herself, her mind, her body and her spirit.  

She approaches life realistically believing in a higher being and knowing that she cannot control what happens in her life, positive and negative,  but she is confident that whatever comes her way she can go through it without it getting her down.  When she falls, she grieves, prays, learns and picks herself up stronger and better moving on to achieve her goals.  She is also flexible and realises that nothing is set in stone so can adapt and change what needs changing. 

She understands the power of her voice and uses it to contribute to society, helping causes.  She also understands that she has been given all she needs so sharpens her inner voice and trusts her instincts.  She is aware that putting herself first is not selfish but necessary to perform at her best within all roles.  She aims to do her best in all her roles at being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a leader, an employee. 

Her voice is her power which she uses positively.  And she remains responsible for her life never playing the victim. 

She believes in all the possibilities in her life and in the world and wants a life of love and contribution not taking things too seriously.  So she follows her heart and is content. She knows that when they ask, Did she live a good life, the answer will be YES SHE DID.  

Let’s fill our kids tool boxes with all the skills required for them to be this powerful human. Let them also see us strive to become this powerful woman!  Our journey is important for theirs. 

Happy weekend.  Kisses to all the girls out there!   Whatever situation you find yourself,  know that nothing is permanent and anything is possible.  Open your mind and act from there,  you are stronger than you will ever know!

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