This week Adventures in Wisdom brings you more wisdom notes to support your kids and strengthen the connection between you. Let me know how it goes!

Monday – it’s never too early for kids to  create their vision, set goals and achieve goals.  As we encourage them to dream big, dream without limitations, we teach them to break the dreams into small achievable steps, develop time measures and to open their minds and see how the universe opens up opportunities to support them in achieving their goals.  Let’s also remind them that their goals can change as they grow and it’s important to be flexible and adaptable. They must act NOW otherwise it remains a dream. 

Tuesday – What we say to others says a lot about us and makes us feel good.   Positive talk to others also shows good manners, respect, gratitude, appreciation, compassion, kindness,  self love and respect.  Support kids in letting their words lift others rather than bring them down.

Wednesday- Imagine what practising positive affirmations will do to our children?. You are what you think.  Encourage them to run to the mirror 5 times on Wednesday and practice complimenting themselves.  Let them know that doing this repeatedly, strengthens their neural pathways and can bring about positive changes,  makes them feel better about themselves and helps them achieve their goals.

Thursday – Teach your kids  to express gratitude to 3 people on Thursday.  Show them how and explain to them what it does to them. This includes reducing sadness, negative feelings and makes them feel better about themselves and others, which leads to better performance.  It also helps them appreciate themselves and others, which encourages more in their lives. They should also practice self Gratitude, this is important. 

Friday –  Go for it on Friday! Kids learn the power of Possibility and managing fear.  They should go for it NOW and not wait until they feel they are good at it before going for their goals.  Overcoming their fear of failure is vital to success, otherwise they would never start anything.  Teach them to create courage and burst outside their comfort zone.   Help them look for possibilities in how they can start to achieve their dreams NOW.  Be creative and flexible.  When they start now, wherever they are, things happen to support them. 

Enjoy your discussions and connections and wishing you an incredible week wisdom seekers!

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