I am truly grateful to all those who have supported inner treasure and have attended our workshops, small groups,  discussions and one-on-one sessions in 2019.

Thank you for trusting me with your treasure; your children and your hearts.  I thank you all for being on this journey of mindset training with me.

We look forward to 2020 and unlocking more treasure boxes.  2020 is a lot about Self awareness and Self care and being there for each other to build each other up, support each other and bringing about peace in this world of ours, from our little corner one step at a time.  

Some key take away from 2019:

1. Children- Kids, Tweens and Teens, are shouting out to be heard,  to be allowed to express themselves that’s all

2. Communication is key to improving all situations

3. There is great need to de-stress, calm ourselves down, self-care, and ways to navigate the stresses of life

4.  Children understand and desire discipline and limit, caregivers need to understand this,  approach is usually what causes friction 

5.  We need to do more Connecting with our kids and young ones 

6. Adults are desperately wanting to take care of themselves and love themselves and do their best for their loved ones.  

7. Children and young people are so aware and want to do more to be a part of their community and society 

8. We often come from the point of view that those around us particularly young ones don’t know,  but they often want to prove that they know.  So let’s give them a chance and when they don’t know they will ask for your help, encourage them to engage themselves and don’t kill their spirits, that’s the only way you can ensure they learn and continue learning 

9. Insecurity, lack of confidence and low self esteem are real issues and if not addressed at a young age, may result in traumatic experiences in adulthood, which we are seeing in our society today must be supported as they go through various changes in life

10. Children must be supported as they go through various changes in life

11. The understanding of Child development is essential, this will lead to the appreciation that each child, each being is different and unique so embrace the differences and stop competing, judging, criticising and comparisons.  It will also lead to changing perspective about different stages of a child’s life, which will affect approach in parenting.

As we all move on a year older in age, let’s show gratitude and Live intentionally and make each day matter and count.   We don’t need milestones to begin this change. How many times have you said, I’ll start on Monday, or next month or this year is my year I can feel it?  I definitely have said all of these countless times.  And have we started?    But each minute is a great opportunity.  It’s all within your power.  Let’s do this together! Set a goal, smaller tasks to achieve the goal, this will make it real and easier to achieve, and celebrate each achievement.

I look forward to working with all of you again and helping each other make our dreams come true.

Get in touch with innertreasure where we support kids from as young as 6 to young adults of 18, using stories to teach skills that will help them go through all the ups and downs of life.  We also support caregivers, parents, teachers and community leaders in living a life of passion, power and purpose,  so they are able to support the children in their care.   Call on 08137967208 for more information about the programs we offer for Kids life coaching, which is about mindset training or any of our other programs for children under our caregivers program, citizen of the world program and being an entrepreneur 💫
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