As we round off the year 2019 and spend time with our loved ones, I would like us to think about communication, how we communicate,what we communicate, with whom we are communicating and the frequency of communication with our kids and loved ones.

Communication is a skill that has always been of interest. It’s one of the most important skills to master for success and happiness. With relationships, parenting, and leadership positions this skill is vital. And communication is a skill, we have to work on. The past couple of months in particular has taught me lessons, from reactions at workshops, interactions with kids and caregivers whether parents or teachers, to conversations particularly in the service industry such as with plumbers, electricians, drivers and sales representatives. We have allowed the fast paced life overtake our lives, we are not taking time to be present and take a breadth which means we are reacting a lot, we are not listening to understand but are fighting to be heard, no one is listening but doing what they want to do irrespective of whether it is what they are meant to be doing, we are always in a hurry and not taking time to connect with our kids and loved ones.

As we round up the holiday season and spend more time with family, let’s take time to listen, to communicate intentionally, to connect and learn about each other and take time to understand and make others feel heard. Listen to ourselves also, what are you saying to yourself? Are they positive or negative messages? Consciously Listen to your thoughts and what you say to others. Explore fun and new activities with the kids, activities that will encourage communication between you. Are you hearing them, do they feel heard and noticed?

The end of 2019 is round the corner. Let’s appreciate what we have achieved in 2019 and encourage our kids to do the same. Encourage them to focus on the good and not the bad and see how much they and you have grown from January 2019-to date. Talk them through disappointments and failure, what did they learn? What can they do different next time to get a different result? Look at the facts of the failure, after taking lessons from the experience, help them to release this experience and move on. Tomorrow is always another opportunity to make changes.

Those who attended innertreasure classes, bring out your journal and read, open your gratitude jar and breathe in a sigh of gratitude and appreciation and see how blessed you are,  enjoy these little practices with the family and strengthen connections.  Look forward to tomorrow and make changes you need to or want to so you release who it is you are.  2020 will be about Self awareness and knowledge and living life with passion, purpose and power for our children and caregivers,  time for searching our souls and digging deep to release that treasure in you.   It’s about letting go of what does not serve you and actionable steps to align your values with your life and living a life of possibilities for our kids and caregivers.  

YOU are the only thing stopping you from your happiness and the success you dream about,  no one else, no outside force.  YOU are also the ONLY one who can create the positive change you desire to experience.

This life is about YOU, so make it a great one.   When they ask did she live a good life,  what will their answer be about you?  Soar high and fly, wisdom seekers and see  you in 2020.💞💫

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