As we face unprecedented times I can’t help but think of what this really means for all of us and see the lessons this event is teaching us. As a certified wisdom coach, using the system Adventures in Wisdom, I teach kids when faced with situations like this which they have no control over, to choose how they experience it and what they take out of it that will support them in their lives.

What does this event (this pandemic) mean to you?

The world is facing this event for the first time, it’s all happening at a fast pace, there is no precedence on how to cope because the world is still gathering information. There is fear, panic, indifference, confusion, feeling powerless, complacency, all due to the fact that we are facing the unknown -and we can’t see anything tangible, we can’t feel it, we can’t see physical changes. Many of us are visual learners. 

So what can we do?

We all have a choice on how we cope, deal with and come out of this period, which we hope will not be for long. But we have no idea how long, that’s just it. We can either choose to let it take over us, this is easy as it is a lot to deal with on an emotional, financial, physical and mental level, or choose to face it square on; accept, acknowledge, learn, prepare and let it go. We all have responsibilities, such as children, elderly parents, family members and other people that depend on us. What do we tell them? How do we cope for ourselves and for them?

I would like to focus on children here. Remember that they are watching us and looking to us for direction. A lot of pressure, tell me about it. They feed off our energy, they watch our emotions and actions, listen to our words and observe our body language and this influences how they feel and act. So I say, as I teach children, we should take responsibility, watch our attitude, continue to practice gratitude, practice compassion on self and others and learn from this so at the end, hopefully, we come out a better and stronger person and we influence those around us to do the same. 

SELF RESPONSIBILITY – As a wisdom coach I teach kids from the Adventures in Wisdom program that Master adventurers are responsible for it all- how they feel, how they act, how they think and what they create in life. Children learn that when they take ownership of their lives and how they experience their lives they have tremendous power. Let’s take responsibility, be responsible, make wise choices in terms of preparing, in terms of our health with medicines and nutrition, in terms of our mental and emotional well-being, in terms of what we say and do and expose ourselves and others to, in terms of sensitising others, in terms of how we spend our time, in terms of taking our destiny in our hands and also seeing ourselves as a “we” in this world.  Taking responsibility at this time is vital as we get to choose how we are going to experience his pandemic rather than feeling like a victim. .

WIN IT ATTITUDE– your attitude is the way you respond to people, things and ideas. Your attitude towards anything in the world shapes how you view your world. So we need to shape our attitude and take it one day at a time.. ……Fact – what we are passing through now is not pleasant at all, we don’t even know the extent it will all go. Many are facing other challenges and not just the Covid-19 pandemic. I have family going through grief, those going through illnesses, friends dealing with serious ailments, with mental health issues, even respiratory issues which is scary at the moment, it’s all sorts of challenges in the midst of this. Many things we can’t control, so we can try not to panic (may be hard) and focus on what it is we can influence. This way we reduce the stress on ourselves and others. Develop an attitude of winning this, we know what we have to do, so we do it, we prepare, stock up and only what is NECESSARY, the right nutrition etc, we get spiritually and mentally strong, and face it. Stress is also an ailment, stress can weaken us. Right now we need to be strong, so build that attitude of winning this. Intention is important, as it is what you plan to do, what you want to happen, and how you plan to act.. When i teach children about intentions, using the Adventures in Wisdom Success System for Learning and Taking Tests program, they learn that stating their intentions also triggers their conscious mind and subconscious mind to help them create what they want. When we state the intention to develop a mindset to win this, we begin to win in our actions. The children are watching and this attitude will give both they and us confidence and energy. An attitude of gratitude is also vital at a time like this, as despite all this there are still many things we can all be grateful for. Let’s count our blessings always and be confident in our attitude. All we can do is our best and we need to bring our best out now for humanity. 

PRACTICE COMPASSSION – Compassion in the face of fear and anxiety is vital. This is self compassion and compassion towards others. Staying away from gatherings, mixing with people, and staying at home may lead to the virus being contained, think of the other citizens out there not just ourselves. Be thoughtful of others, many are and will go through great difficulties on many levels. The best we can do for ourselves and others is to stay away, protect ourselves and not spread. We are all part of a huge tapestry, we all need to look out for one another and act in ways that is for the greater good. Perhaps this is a lesson we had to learn as we have not done too well in looking out for each other. Our society has become a “Me” society and it has proved vital that we change it to being a “MWe” society, which as Dan Siegel, internationally acclaimed author, award winning educator, renowned child psychiatrist, and executive director of the Mindsight Institute, describes, “Who we are is not a “me” alone nor a “we” alone—it is more a “MWe”, an integrated self, which enables the differentiated me to link with an equally real we that comprise the core elements of who we are and how we can lead a full and healthy life”. This also means to take care of self to be able to be whole in the “We”. Let’s allow the situation to mould our society into what it needs to be to survive and that is a more compassionate society, where we work together and leave no man behind, in other words caring about each other. This is teaching us to care for others and be compassionate to self and others, by protecting each other. Forgive yourself and others and watch how light you become, release the stress and look after your body, mind and soul. 

SELF DEVELOPMENT & LEARN – If we have to self isolate or if our country gets locked down, instead of feeling like a victim which will be easy to do, lets try to channel that energy to being grateful we are still alive and enjoy the time with ourselves, with our family, with loved ones, (God knows we need this, we have been lacking in taking time out for loved ones), take the time to relax, relax our mind as much as we can, relax our body, read a book (all those books on your list, all those books on the shelf that haven’t been read), read to each other, nourish our soul with spiritual teachings and exercises, learn who we are and design who we want to be, pick up exercise or get our body in the best shape (i definitely need this), catch up on series and movies, learn new skills, develop ourselves in every way, take that online course we have been contemplating, learn games and participate in games both indoors and outdoors with loved ones, teach our children something or things, communicate with loved ones and catch up for all those times spent chasing dreams. At the end of the day that’s all we are left with, our loved ones. We are learning to be clean, washing our hands always, keeping our nostrils and throat moist, researching on ways to keep our body in good shape and fight this, share what you learn and after it’s all over keep your life this way as it turns out what we are being forced to do now are practices we should have been doing – namely nourishing our body, soul and mind, caring for each other, taking time to catch a breath and taking time for our loved ones.  It’s about being intentional about these practices.

CONNECTION – The one thing that inner treasure preaches, is the one thing this event is taking away from us in a way, CONNECTION. If infected one has to go into self isolation, how do we connect with our loved ones, with children who may not understand? How do we limit the mental turmoil and possible trauma from possible actions many may have to take? We will have to be creative, a tool we are learning is vital in our lives. Remember to try to stick to routines for the sake of the kids, encourage them to participate in chores which can be made fun and a great way to connect when we can. Keep looking for opportunities to connect and bond with them.

For those with kids let’s try not to over schedule their lives and live room for plenty of free play. Remember to enjoy the outdoors, you get your vitamin D booster as well as de-stress and get energised. the kids also get to release all that energy and boredom and get active, which can reduce the tantrums and stress on them. Recall all those games from your childhood and teach kids around you, ride bikes, play hop scotch, build sand castles, have water fights, paint, hold dance competitions, and many other outdoor activities. If you work from home, encourage the kids to play independently which is a great leaning opportunity, while you work and watch over them. It does not all have to be about academics and screen time. Even with older kids, encourage them to participate in outdoor activities, be childlike, have fun and strengthen sibling bond.

In all this, breathe, watch your breath and breathe deeply. Whenever you feel the anxiety and fear building up, take deep breathes and inhale and exhale out deeply. This is also good to strengthen our lungs, which needs to be healthy more now than ever. 

We learn each day, open up your mind, take it all in, but be mindful when it leads to fear so you try and calm those nerves, avoid reading and watching too much on this, especially many unverified information. Allow yourself to have fun and still see the wonderful life we live and the wonderful world we live in. Create magical experiences for the kids in the house, that’s what I intend to do with my son. Keep them engaged, join them in dancing and singing and learning and building and running and chasing and laughing. Let them live as children, something slowly we are taking away from them. Avoid and minimise the possible aftermath of mental health issues, by nurturing self and those around you NOW. 

We will experience an array of emotions, the important thing is to let them come as they will, feel them, acknowledge them, process them and then let them go.

Stay safe, stay blessed, we are in charge of our lives so choose wisely always for you and for me! 

Lots of love, Rakiya @ inner treasure 💓 

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning                                                           

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