Pic: From the imagination of a 4 year old.
We need to protect our children’s authenticity, innocence, vulnerability, curiosity and playfulness. Their well-being must be our focus, which means our well-being must be our focus.

It has been 7 months of ups and downs, months of mixed emotions, uncertainties, instability, fear, anxiety, stress and bonding with loved ones.  These have shown itself in various ways, insomnia, sleeping too much, aggression, impatience, reclusiveness, mood swings, overeating, overwhelm, introvertedness, quiet, bad temper etc.  Right now we are all still here and that’s something to be grateful for:  we are alive and we get a chance to change what we want to change and become who we want to be and give to the world what we want to. A chance to try something else so we get a different and better outcome.   

It started with Covid-19 pandemic which  has caused us to face our mortality and question many things; then the killing of George Floyd, racial injustice, protests in the US which sparked all sorts of issues with police brutality, we watched the worldwide protests and more killings and the reactions; to the economic hardship  as a fall out of the pandemic shutting down the entire world, and now the peaceful protests in our country against police brutality and SARS that have been hijacked, the killing of innocent protesters and the demand for good governance.  It’s on our door step now and the world is still battling the pandemic.  

It’s been a lot for anyone to take, it’s been stressful and then to add home schooling, and keeping things together.  As human beings it’s natural that many will feel stressed, anger, derailed and confused.  The mental well being of everyone should be taken care of,  we need self compassion now more than ever.  


Connection and Play are vital. How can we maintain their innocence for as long as possble in these trying times?

It’s been heavy for our adult brain, so can you imagine what is going on with our children and their developing brains? Our beautiful innocent children have been exposed to things we would have wanted to protect them from at a young age.  They have questions, and we must have conversations with them which is hard.  This is life, and with more exponential growth, changes in life will be more than we have ever seen or known.  It’s a lot for any young brain, imagine the stress you are feeling?  Imagine the impressions and impact these events are having on young minds.  Now more than ever observation is necessary and connections must keep being strengthened.  Building relationships over any other thing. The emotional well-being of everyone including our children must be at the top of everyone’s agenda.  And we cannot go through this without Connection with a higher being first and then with ourselves and then others.  Too many people are suffering, too much suffering.  Self compassion is a necessity.  At inner treasure I have been speaking with children and caregivers and the suffering is too much.  It doesn’t have to be this way and children know much more than we think they know.

In the past few months inner treasure has been working hard and we look forward to presenting to you what we have been working on.  We are here to empower you and your children with skills to handle events, emotions, make decisions, relationships, be responsible, understand the mind, see possibilities and many more.  Its about Mindset training for success and happiness as well as mindset to learn. We are in this together and no one should suffer, get help. Trauma can have long lasting effect and can affect every aspect of ours and children’s lives. Our kids lives are in our hands.  It’s been a lot and the beautiful thing is that we can overcome it in a beautiful way.  This is our chance, it can be better, it will be better.

Blessings to all.

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